Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a QEP?


"QEP" stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. Every college that is accredited through the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools (SACS) must implement a QEP during their re-accreditation period. Institutions select an area in which they hope to improve and then implement a five year plan to reach their goal. MMC's QEP is entitled #impACT, and it focuses on adding High Impact Practices (HIPs) into the core curriculum. 

What are HIPs?

HIPs are high impact practices. These are methods that have been proven to positively effect student learning and retention. Some high impact practices include research, study abroad, and development of ePortfolios. Basically, high impact practices help students learn deeply and encourage students to apply what they learn in class into other areas of their lives. They help students to think critically and become life-long learners.

Will I participate in HIPs?

Yes! Our goal is for HIPs to become part of the culture at MMC. So not only will you be taking classes using high impact practices, but campus and residential life will have opportunities to experience HIPs as well.