Our Team

MMC's QEP Team consists faculty, staff, and alumni with a broad range of backgrounds, skills, and areas of expertise. 

QEP Advisory Committee

R. Michael Cathey, Ph.D.                     

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 

Karen Ferguson, Ph.D.                       

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Sissy Garner, M.A.                             

Director of Marketing and Communication

Brant Harwell, Ph.D.                          

Professor of English

Meghan Little, M.Ed.                           

Coordinator of Instructional Technology; Instructor of Education

Claire Paul, M.Ed.                               

Assistant Director of Admissions

Melissa Ryckman, Ph.D.                     

Co-Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence; Assistant Professor of History

Julie Shelton, B.S.                               

Career Services Counselor

Sarah C. Richardson, M.A.                   

Director of Student Engagement & Development

Kyla Young, B.A.                                 

Assistant Registrar; MMC Alumna

QEP Steering Committee

George Cheatham, Ph.D.                     

Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee; SACS Liaison; Professor of English

Judy Cheatham, Ph.D.                         

Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of English

Jac Cole, Ph.D.                                   

Division Chair, Math and Sciences, Professor of  Math

Shanna Hanes, Ph.D.                           

Chair of the Service Learning Committee; Assistant Professor of Biology

Chris Mattingly, Ph.D.                         

Director of Institutional Advancement; Registrar; Professor of Math

Skylar Lovvo, B.A.                              

QEP Administrative Assistant; MMC Alumna

Barry Rich, M.A.                                   

Director of the Student Resource Center; Instructor of English

Erin Vicary, M.B.A.                               

Business Office, Accountant II

Ken Vickers, Ph.D.                               

Division Chair, Social Sciences; Professor of History

Doris Wossum-Fisher, Ph.D.               

Chair of the QEP; Professor of Psychology